Much like my online dating profile, I have similar tremendous trouble writing personal statements such as these, there's always a gigantic risk I'll drift into an area of unbridled pretentious bollocks.

I could certainly pull something out of my arse, hitting all the clichés and hopefully pushing the buttons of somebody who’s incredibly rich whom can invest in my work, in that respect my photography aspirations match my dating aspirations.

I wander around London, with my expensive camera trying not to get mugged and/or stabbed. I take pictures of people and depending on my mood; I either like to really piss them off by sticking my camera in their face or I’ll try my absolutely best to be an unseen stalker, following around anybody who takes my fancy. An outrageous character in brightly coloured clothing usually does the trick, sometimes I fall in love with them, sometimes I really despise them, both valid motivations for taking their picture.

I try to make sense of the chaos, usually in and around busy shopping areas, I think it’s an external projection of trying to organise the world inside my head, I’m often one step away from being committed, photography keeps me sane and helps tighten the screws, of which I’m severally lacking.

Some people really don’t like their picture being taken, but the more I think about it the more ridiculous it begins to sound. It becomes offensive to my pastime when people don’t notice they’re surrounded by several CCTV cameras at the same time and they’re either all well hidden and certainly don’t ask permission; least I do it with a smile.

I like to sell prints and sometimes I bind my work into hand made books, please hit the contact button if you'd like to know more.