It's impossible during street photography to not notice the homeless, the people sleeping rough.

Gradually you notice the same faces over and over again, in the same places. Some without shoes others without shirts, often in varying different physical and mental conditions. All needing help in one form or another.

Occasionally the street furniture of the homeless you're used to seeing changes, somebody you recognise disappears. You hope they've managed to find a way out, or perhaps they've moved places, you never quite let your mind wandering into thinking the worse.

In photography there's a trend towards photographic work based on the fringes of society as explotation, so much so that it removes photographs greatest power as a mechanism for social change. A way of highlighting problems in a unique way and promoting a problem that everybody needs to address.

A street photographer taking pictures of the homeless is perhaps a cliche of the genre, but hopefully presented here is a work of empathy towards the increasing problem of those sleeping rough.

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